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Note this talk is part one of a two-part series on Swift and iOS development. The iOS talk will follow this one, its description can be found here.

Before the Talk


While this talk is open to everyone, we expect attendees to have some object-oriented programming (OOP) experience. We will assume you understand terms like ‘class,’ ‘object,’ and ‘instantiate,’ as well as the basic idea of inheritance.

In explicit terms, successful completion of 15-112 is considered sufficient experience. If you only took 110 or AP Computer Science, you’re on the fence, but probably still fine.

Required Software

If you plan on using the cluster computers, no preparation is required!

If you want to use your own computer, you’ll need the following:

If you are a Vim fan, you might want to check out the XVim Project which allows you to use you Vim bindings in Xcode. Beware, though, it requires you to self-sign your copy of Xcode which seems unbelievably sketch.


The notes that go along with the talk are available here!